Wine Tasting and Magical Entertainment

It has been a little while since I have been blogging on here, as I’ve been really busy with one thing and another, but I know that I should let you know some of the things that I’ve been doing… So here goes…

The summer has been a busy time. It started off with a brilliant event I did in collaboration with Wines From The Vines a kind of wine guru who does amazing wine tasting events with a real twist. Richard Miller certainly knows his stuff, and took the guests through 10 wines. Giving his detailed and fascinating information about each one. In between I performed at the tables of the guests, causing laughter and amazement for all concerned.

As someone said “We all need wine sometimes and with the magic as well. That takes it out into a league of its own!”

Everyone had a fabulous time, loving the wine, thoroughly enjoying the brilliant talk from Richard, and loving the magic. What a wonderful evening.

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