Why Magic Works

There are a few people who want to know how magic works. How did you do that? Is a question I frequently get asked after performing. They need to know the method, the secret, they want to look behind the curtain at the mechanics of the illusion. I always say you don’t really want to know, don’t ruin the fun!

The better question to ask is why, why does magic work? When I say I’m a magician people’s eye light up and they are instantly interested. I show them a few things and they are astonished, they don’t believe their eyes, because what I’ve done doesn’t make sense. Magic works because it causes us to become our child self again.

And magic works for any situation. Let me illustrate by saying this: I was at a business networking lunch recently and I was asked to perform some magic. (Which I did with gusto!) I engaged the whole table with the effect and got everyone laughing, and at the end when there was the big reveal, they were all affected. Amazement, gasps, laughs, people saying “No!!” and applause.

I had helped bring these people together to a single memorable moment with humour, magic and amazement. Truly wonderful.

Thank you for reading.

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