Spring 2017 Update

It has been a busy few months for me on the entertainment front, and I’ve been here, there and everywhere it seems. All in an effort to ensure as many people as possible get to see my quality magical entertainment. I’ve been to various places to perform my close up magic, including: pubs, restaurants, cafes, business events and fund raisers.
A memorable exchange came with a lady who owned an establishment where I was asked to perform at. It wasn’t until afterwards she told me that she hated magic, she thought that it might be a nice diversion for some of her customers, but she actively hated magic. My heart sank a bit as I heard these words. But she went on to say that she saw my performances and loved it, I had changed her view on magic and magicians. In her words I was funny, engaging and brilliant! In face she wants me back there again. That certainly felt wonderful.
Another chap said that I was full of fun and laughter and my magic was amazing. It is so satisfying to be able to spread some joy, laughter and fun to people of all ages with my magic.
If you want to see me in action there are a number of events coming up in and around Ashford. Even better if you would like me to appear at your restaurant, pub, or café and see an increase in customers and customer satisfaction, please do get in touch.

07834 922578

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