Making A Difference

I had a busy weekend with events but what I wanted to share with you was something a bit special.  On Saturday evening I was involved with a worthwhile and wonderful variety show event.  In the village hall in Challock, near where I live, a friend of mine had organised a variety show called the American Supper Evening, this was in aid of Cancer Research UK and The Peter Andre Foundation.  There were singers Scott Elvis (a terrific Elvis Presley tribute act), my friend Annie Rilley (a superb singer of hits from the 60s to the 90s and also from the Swingtime Sweethearts), Chris Andre (talented multi-instrumentalist and singer also brother of Peter Andre) and Bob Curtis a very funny comedian.

During the interval I performed some close up table magic to the assembled people.  I was really pleased at the reactions from people and the shock and amazed looks on their faces.  Comments of “How did you do that!”, “You’re amazing!”, spontaneous applause, and laughter were ringing in my ears, which is (in true English understatement) always good to hear.  I had people asking for my business cards at every table.

Now I put in a lot of practice and I try to make myself as entertaining and amusing as possible, and I think this showed.

The best thing was I really felt that I helped people stay in a jolly mood as they enjoyed their evening, and I feel I helped raise money for this very worthy cause.  My fun, laughter and magic did make a difference!

If you would like some of my fun and amazing magic at your event, please get in touch!

Thank you for reading.

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