Magic For Children In Need

Well on Friday 18th November 2016 (which was the  “Children In Need” telethon here in the UK) I in collaboration with Stag Coffee a lovely independent coffee shop in Ashford wanted to raise some money for the wonderful BBC charity.  So I performed some close up magic to the patrons from about 10.30am to about 2.30pm.  Both Freddie and I had promoted it and it was lovely to see so many people who had heard about it and came along to support us, see some of my fab magic and drink some fine coffee.  One very kind gentleman said he was very impressed, and some more people said that it was great to be able to see magic live and whether I’d be doing any more!

It was a lovely experience, being able to entertain and see some truly amazed people who really loved my performance.  I was also very lucky to bump into Dr Pinney from Brownbills Opticians and perform a very appropriate piece of Eye Test Magic for him.  What a nice chap.  They also caught it on video which they uploaded on to their Facebook page.

Thanks to all of the support we managed to raise £74 for Children In Need!

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