Magic at your wedding

So you’ve decided to have my magic at your wedding, that’s great, but you’re not sure when to have this magic to complement your day, and make it as magical as possible. Let me run through a number of possibilities so you can see what fits in best with your plans…

After the ceremony there is generally the drinks reception and the photos. This is a great place to have my magic, people are standing or sitting around waiting for the next stage of the afternoon, while you are having the very important job of having your photographs taken. Some magic at this point is ideal, it is a talking point and an ice breaker for those friends and family who might not know each other. All of your guests having their own show. It is a fantastic talking point, creating laughter, amazement and a fabulously fun atmosphere.

Some people like to have table magic during the wedding breakfast generally there is a slight pause in proceedings between dessert and coffee before the speeches, or sometimes between the courses. It is best to check with the venue to see how long the timing between courses is, as there might not be enough time for a lot of magic. This is a great time to have some table magic specifically for the top table, so you don’t miss out. Of course what you can do is have a mini-stand up or parlour show for the whole room to make it even more special. You might even be the star.

These aren’t the only places you can have my magic, as we can put out heads together and work out what is best for you and your day.

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