Looking backwards and looking forwards

As I review 2015 on the cutting edge of 2016, I find myself amazed and pleased with my progress as a magical entertainer.

I moved on from my part time job into full time magic, and have been fortunate enough to have entertained for McDonald’s, Whitefriars, Sainsbury and Wyevale amongst others. I have entertained children with my comedy magic, entertained adults with my close up magic at weddings and other social functions.

Now I need to look forwards at the future and at how I can improve my magic, my entertaining skills and become a better person. Life is a lifelong learning experience, I never want to stop improving and moving towards being better.

Where will I be in the next three months? I’m not sure but will keep trying to improve and spread the enjoy of great magic.

I will continue in my efforts to “Keep Magic Alive”.

Thanks for reading.

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