Kent Chamber Presentation June 2017

I had the pleasure recently of performing some magic at a Kent Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting. I was asked to present this with only a few hours notice, which is never a problem, but I wanted to make certain that it was relevant and interesting to the business owner and leaders who would be there.  I had a few things in mind and so knew that there were a number of different magic effects ( I don’t like calling them tricks!) I could call on, once I knew the conditions.

There was a wide variety of people there, single owner operators, small businesses and people from medium businesses too, but I knew from experience that an interesting presentation, some amazing magic and some well placed humour would do the work!  As always I put a great deal of work into the magic show (all magic should be a magic show in my opinion), and by the end of my time I had a room of applause and happy people.  I was able to show that a magical performance can be entertaining, be a great way to engage potential clients, perfect to get an emotional attachment with your clients, and ensure that they want to take your business card.

So if you would like some of my stunning magic at your next event, be it a cocktail party, a product launch, trade show, corporate dinner, or informal get together, please do get in touch!

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