Houdini’s Magic Bar!

Well what an exciting recent few weeks I have had in the world of magic!

I recently went through the application and audition process to become one of the resident magicians at the latest Houdini’s Magic Bar that opened in Canterbury about three weeks ago.  The original Houdini’s Magic Bar is in Broadstairs and opened 2 years ago this month, and they have now opened a new one.

It is a wonderful place to go to, there is a comfortable bar area, lots of great drinks to choose from (beers, wines, gins, spirits, and some spectacular cocktails) and of course some superb magic.  This is some terrific close up magic where you can see miracles and be amazed by something astonishing happening a few inches from your face.

The Canterbury one at 6 St Peter Street, Canterbury has magic every day with some of my amazing magical friends there too.

Please do come along I am there next on Tuesday 8th May and Thursday 24th May.  It would be great to see you.

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