Entertaining For Restaurants and Pubs

On Monday a few of my magician friends and I were asked as an experiment to entertain at a local pub.  Going from table to table performing some close up magic to the patrons.  It was, I think, just an experiment for them to see what was involved and what the reaction would be.  We were there for approximately an hour and a half “doing our thing” and generally entertaining and causing laughter and hilarity.  It was only afterwards when we approached by the landlady did we realise how good we had been.

“That was stunning.”  She said.  “I had no idea how good you were going to be.  Everyone had such a brilliant time.  I need to have you back.  Thank you so much.”

Entertainment is fun, it is engaging and it can create a brilliant atmosphere for everyone involved.

If you’d like some brilliant entertainment for your pub, restaurant, or event please get in touch!




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