Add My Magic to Your Event and Make it Amazing!

When you’re having an event and you want to add some entertainment that fits in well and really gets everyone laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves please look no further than me! I’m a professional magician with many years of successfully entertaining a wide variety of people.

What people want is to have fun, by adding me and my particular brand of amazing and entertaining magic, you well ensure they not only have lots of fun and a good time, but will remember it and tell their friends.

The beauty of my strolling close up magic is that it is, engaging, personal, non-intrusive, intriguing and leaves a lasting impression. I draw people together, which is great for an ice breaker for people who may not have seen each other before or for a long time. What I do is great to generate a buzz and a real talking point. As I leave the group they are chatting, laughing and having a fabulous time.

We can work together and ensure your party becomes an Event!

I have various packages available and can cater each one to meet your individual needs.

Please contact me for more information.

07834 922578

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